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Delf Galot, artiste à Talence (France)

Talence, France

Artiste plasticicienne à Bordeaux, Talence (Gironde, France)

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Ilearned to speak French in Poitiers. I learned to cut, paste, color, and make exhibitions in kindergarten.

I learned to read, write in primary school.

I learned to photograph and hike with my dad.

I learned to saw, to nail, to garden, with my grandfather.

I learned English, Spanish and how to perform in college.

​I learned to make collages with Jacques Prévert.

I learned to sew and knit with my mom and my aunts. I learned philosophy in high school

I learned Chinese, linguistics, and  the profession of librarian at the university in Bordeaux.

I learned to weave baskets in Tahiti.

I learned left-handed crochet from an Australian online. ​​​I failed at the entrance to the ISDAT in Toulouse (with very honorable grades, it seemed to me).

I am learning to dance, to sing and to play the piano.


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